How to Claim a Domain Name

All the domain names showcased on this website are listed at Sedo's marketplace is one of the most trusted in the domain name industry. Purchasing a domain through Sedo's platform is relatively simple. To get started, click here to create a Sedo account. Creating an account is FREE and the process is actually quite simple.

Sedo also acts as an escrow service for both buyers and sellers. Funds will not be released to the seller until the buyer confirms the domain transfer. This ensures a safe transaction for both parties. For more information on the process of buying domain names through Sedo, follow this link.

Clicking a CLAIM, CLAIM NOW, or VIEW MORE button associated with a domain name will direct you to that domain name's sales page at Sedo (shown below). On this page, you will be able to purchase the domain name by clicking the   button.


For some domain names, you might be directed to an offer page instead (shown below). On those pages, you'll be free to make any offer you want. We'll review the offer within 24 hours, and decide whether to accept it or not. 


You don't have to send your offer(s) through Sedo for us to receive and review it. You can use any of the various contact forms on this website to send in your offer(s). You will receive a response from us within 24 hrs, guaranteed.

If you do not wish to purchase a domain through Sedo's platform, let us know by using the various contact forms on this website. We are under no obligation to endorse Sedo. If you wish to proceed using a different service or method, we'd be happy to discuss it with you. Do note that we reserve the right to refuse questionable transaction methods. 

We're all VR enthusiasts here at If you purchase a domain name from us, we'd greatly appreciate it if you let us know. Knowing that we played a part in the creation of any VR content, however small it is, would mean a lot to us.

All the best,
Jeremiah Gerodias,
Founder / Director at

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